Individual Accountability Regime ("SMCR")

Outcomes: Advising Senior Managers (both Board and Executive) on requirements to evidence discharge of prescribed responsibilities and compliance with the broader requirements for SMCR

  • establishment and operation of a SMCR Management Office, a small specialist team to interface with Board and Executive Senior Managers and their teams to implement and maintain oversight of the operational end-to-end processes through performance metrics and governance, including (but not limited to):
    • Statement of Responsibilities preparation, design and maintenance of the Management Responsibilities Map;
    • assessment and tracking of Certified Persons;
    • Conduct Breach investigation, tracking and notification and Conduct Rules education and training
  • review of reasonable steps evidence including artefacts from Board/Board Committees, ExCos, and other key management fora, to assess:
    • committee and individual delegation cascade and escalation to demonstrate authority for discharge of accountability
    • capture of inputs, considerations, and conclusions for decision-making, management, and oversight
    • evidence storage arrangements
  • evaluation of technology solutions to support SMCR operational activities